Ski Slope in Przemyśl - Sport and Recreation Centre in Przemyśl

The Ski Slope was opened in January 2006.
In December 2006 the beginner slope with lift and all year round luge track were further started.


KL 1 – double chairlift located at the lower part of the ski slope near the car park transporting skiers
to the foot of the slope

Length: 270 m
Difference of height: 39m
Capacity: 1050 p/h
Winter season: transportation for walkers and skiers /skis in hands/

KL 2 – upper triple chairlift operating along the ski trails
Length: 740 m
Difference of height: 110 m
Capacity: 1656 p/h
Winter season: transportation for skiers /skis on feet/

Surface lift on the beginner ski slope

Ski trails:
  • Trail No. 1 /blue/ length: 830 m
  • Trail No. 2 /green/ length: 820 m
  • Trail No. 3 /blue/ length: 1200 m (opened in season 2010/2011)
  • Beginner Slope - length: 50 m, difference of height: 3 m

The slope uses floodlights, snowmaking installations and snow groomer vehicles.

Skiers can use the following ski station facilities:
  • 2 gastronomic points (the upper part of the slope)
  • Ski Equipment Rentals and Ski Service Centre (the lower car park area)
  • Ski School (the upper station at the Beginners Slope)

The Bieszczady Mountain Rescue Service (GOPR), Przemyśl PCK, and Police Ski Patrols watch over skiers’ safety.

In winter season the slope is open 9.00 – 21.00.

Ticket Offices
open 8.45 - 21.15 at:
1) car park area at the lower station (ul. Sanocka)
2) GOPR station at the upper ski station (ul. Pasteura-Zniesienie)

For current weather conditions and information on all the ski slope facilities, please inquire at Ticket Offices.


Car park area at the lower station (ul. Sanocka)

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Car Park at the upper ski station (ul. Pasteura-Zniesienie)

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Direction from lower station to upper ski station

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